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The tour above gives you a great idea of the layout of our four condos and our outside commons area. Your standing in front of our two larger condos (side-by-side 3 bedroom units) called Black Bear Crossing (right) and Black Elk Run (left) and then further left are both 2 bedroom condos (top/bottom units) called Aspen Grove (top) and Wild Flower (bottom). You can also tour inside of each condo by following the arrows on this tour or by clicking the individual links below which will start you in the main living are of each condo. Whatever tour you're on you simply click the arrows to move forward, right or left and you can also click and spin the view in any direction. It's just like being there - Enjoy your tour!

To go directly inside click on these links:

Black Bear Crossing Walking Tour
Black Elk Run Walking Tour
Aspen Grove Walking Tour
Wild Flower Walking Tour
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